After the move

After entering our new place we rarely have time to enjoy it. There are just too many things to do. Extra cleaning is always desirable, so I recommend buying a disinfectant and swipe all kitchen and bathroom surfaces. After all, you can’t trust the cleaning crew on site. Then, the first thing to unpack should be the kitchen, then the bathroom and then the rest. Always take a couple days off from work, you will be surprised how much time is needed to make a new place feel like home.

The new apartment may be new to you, but there are old rules that should never be changed. Don’t try to be original and place a kitchen table by living room window to enjoy the view. You will find that old habits die hard and living room is best used to watch TV, enjoy a coffee with friends and play with kids.

Before you move

I moved a few times already and I learned from each one of them. First of all, make a plan, no matter if you are single or have a family of five, once you choose the place, have a date set, make a plan for everyone on when to pack certain things and how to pack them. Second, make sure your new place is ready before your moving day. Drive to the place, check if the carpet has been changed, walls painted and if it’s clean. You have the right to do that and it will save you the headache later on. And lastly find a good moving company to help. This is something important for those who are really busy. As far as I know the best moving company in Sedona, AZ is They offer full service moves for the most busy people and the price range is reasonable too.

Choosing an apartment

Sedona is a small city in Arizona so it does not have many options when you are looking for a place to live. However, when looking for a new apartment in any city there are a few things you always have to consider:

– the price and your current income

– pet policy

– location

These are the three things you will not be able to change or somehow alter. The rest can be managed in different ways. For example, the size of the apartment can be an issue if you have a family, but it can be compensated by the garage or extra storage space. The pet policy on the other hand is something you have to be comfortable with even if you don’t have a pet. The barking, running and pooping dogs can be a problem for someone who likes to play outdoors with his kids.

Why Sedona in Arizona

Sedona is a small city located in Arizona, in the close proximity to Cottonwood, Prescott and not too far from Phoenix. It is a lovely area for those who like old style American living and nice views. The apartments in Sedona are nice and clean, but sometimes pricey. It is surely something to think about since house prices are not low either.

There is a selection of apartments at different prices. Some fully equipped like condos while others more student style one bedrooms. The move in Sedona is not a difficult thing to arrange due to the availability of moving companies and the small distances. I should also mention that it hardly ever rains so the weather will not complicate your plans.